Miniature copy of a full size mahogany chest of drawers

I have always loved working with wood and in-between restoring antiques, inspired by the furniture I have worked on, I have made a few miniature pieces of furniture.  These pieces have been earmarked by my children and with grandchildren coming along I think I need to produce some more.

Mahogany Chest of Drawers C1790-1800

Based on a late Georgian bow front chest of drawers all the details were copied exactly. The Pine carcass is mahogany veneered and the top has a cross grained moulded edge.  The backboards are of pine and the drawer linings and bottoms are made of oak.The dovetails on the oak linings were cut with a scalpel and the front edge of the drawers were cock beaded in mahogany. The interior has dust boards and drawer stops.

Height 7”(17.8cm) Width 8” (20cm) Depth 3.7” (9.4cm)

I have used a thimble to give an idea of actual size.

Pine backboards, oak drawer linings and bottoms.

The dovetails on the oak linings were cut with a scalpel.

The front edge of the drawers are cock beaded in mahogany and the bottom has swept French feet.

The bottom is blocked in the traditional manner.


As Featured on BBC’s Antiques Road Show

This lovely late 19th Century Inlaid Chest of Drawers was featured on BBC’s Antiques Road Show at Hartland Abbey last summer and was brought into my workshop earlier this year for restoration.

The chest is inlaid with Ebony, Ivory, Abalone Mother of Pearl and Horn.  There were over 200 missing pieces of inlay which I had to create individually and fit by hand.

19th Century Inlaid Chest of Drawers (Restored version)

Close up of the drawers

Side view

Top of inlaid chest of drawers

Restoring an Antique Picture Frame

Welcome to my first post! This is how I restored an antique picture frame in need of some tender loving care …

A Picture frame missing some mouldings and damage to the inside edges

Making the mould

Filling the mould

Pieces of mould ready to fit

Matching the pattern and fitting to frame

Patch inside edges

Touching in with Gold Finger and pigments

Ready to wax

Finished article

Eh Voila! Before and after.