Repairing the leg of a Shield-Back Chair


This chair was brought into my workshop with a broken leg which had been badly repaired in the past using iron brackets.

Photo0088The leg was moulded on the two face sides. Rather than use new mahogany on this project I decided to conserve as much of the original chair as possible.

Photo0093Cutting the moulding off the damaged leg as a veneer, I then trimmed an old mahogany table leg down to size and applied the moulded face sides, giving me a leg that matched the original retaining both the mouldings and patination.

Photo0094I re-cut the mortices, repaired the tenons on the frame and glued and cramped the frame together. The previous bracket screw holes were filled, touched in and the chair was waxed finished.

Photo0095The finished article was a satisfying job conserving as much of the original look and patination of the chair as possible.



A Copy Of A William lV Cotton Reel Holder


Having made a few pieces of antique miniature furniture, I then decided after restoring a William IV Cotton Reel holder, to make a copy of it for my wife. The cotton reel holder sits on a shelf at home and has proved to be a very useful as well as decorative item.

The top has a padded pin cushion. Made of reclaimed Cuban Mahogany, the holder has one revolving tier which holds 6 cotton reels .

It has a turned central pillar and base, standing on 4 small bun feet. It measures approximately H 8.5” (21.6 cm)  W 6” (15.2cm)

Copy Of A Miniature William lV Breakfast Table


This is a copy I made of a miniature William lV Breakfast Table that came through the workshop. The top being Mahogany veneered and inlaid with an eight point marquetry star in ebony and satinwood. It has an octagonal tapered column on a platform base, terminating in bun feet.

Height: 5.3” (13.5cm) | Diameter: 7” (17.8cm)

The table top in a tilted position.
I have used a thimble to give an idea of actual size

The top is veneered in Mahogany

Inlaid with an eight point marquetry star in ebony and satinwood

On a platform base, terminating in bun feet with an octagonal tapered column.