Restoring A Brass And Ebony Inlaid Walnut Writing Slope


The writing slope has loose and missing brass work and the top is badly scratched.

latestSome brass was cut and filed to size. Using an Old Womans Tooth (also known as a router plane) I rebated the groundwork to the thickness of the brass strip.

CIMG3720The brass is bent on the corners to the exact width of the top, glued and cramped in place.

CIMG3722Cramping the loose brasswork.

CIMG3714Some minor patches were fitted around the hinges


Restoring the interior

The secret drawer compartment was missing its cover which locks into place over the brass clip on the right hand side.

CIMG3750The cover should spring open when the right hand inkwell divider is lifted.

CIMG3706I made a new cover which pushes in over the brass clip and locks in place. The spring pushes it outwards when released. The stamp slide covers up the mechanism.

CIMG3710The lock was cleaned, oiled and key fitted.

CIMG3716The exterior of the writing slope was then meths stripped and re-polished, the inside touched in, cleaned and waxed.

CIMG3729The writing slope was then sanded clean ready for re-lining, which was done in a material as close a match to the original as possible.

yeahThe material was glued into place and cut to fit with a scalpel. Tabs were then fitted and wedged from the underside. The slope is tooled with a wheel that is heated up and rolled around the outside edge leaving a patterned imprint.

yesTooling the edge

xxxxxxxxThe bottom of the slope was then baized.

CIMG3751The finished article