Restoration Of A Shapland & Petter Mahogany Coal Cabinet

This Barnstaple based company manufactured some of the finest pieces of furniture in the Arts and Crafts style.

The coal box was missing it’s pierced splashback

coal cabinet 1 (3)

Four of its spindles were missing

missing spindles 2 (2)

To make the missing spindles I glued together between newspaper, billets of mahogany the same diameter as the original spindles, this enabled me to separate them later in the process.

DSC00765 (2)

The profile was then planed and sanded on both sides.

DSC00767 (5)

The billets were then separated and re-glued with newspaper between each one again and the process repeated.


Finished spindles ready to be separated with a sharp knife

DSC00768 (5)

 Sanded and ready to polish


For the splashback, corner brackets and moulding I used a piece of  reclaimed timber that was already polished the same colour.  The design for the pierced hearts I took from a similar item of Shapland and Petter furniture of the same period.



The top had water marks on it and was meths stripped and re-polished.


Any digs and scratches were filled, touched in and finally the whole piece was waxed.


Finished Coal Cabinet



Repairing the leg of a Shield-Back Chair


This chair was brought into my workshop with a broken leg which had been badly repaired in the past using iron brackets.

Photo0088The leg was moulded on the two face sides. Rather than use new mahogany on this project I decided to conserve as much of the original chair as possible.

Photo0093Cutting the moulding off the damaged leg as a veneer, I then trimmed an old mahogany table leg down to size and applied the moulded face sides, giving me a leg that matched the original retaining both the mouldings and patination.

Photo0094I re-cut the mortices, repaired the tenons on the frame and glued and cramped the frame together. The previous bracket screw holes were filled, touched in and the chair was waxed finished.

Photo0095The finished article was a satisfying job conserving as much of the original look and patination of the chair as possible.